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She Says… Weaning off

In preparation for soon being a baby hotel (hopefully!), I am preemptively weaning myself off of things women who are preggers are supposed to avoid. Unfortunately for me, this list includes several things I really, really enjoy.

tummy_milkThings I will miss the most:
– soft cheeses (oh goat cheese, how I love thee)
– wine (RED wine, to be exact)
– some fish (goodbye, spicy tuna maki roll)
– coffee/tea (see posts below)
– snorting massive amounts of cocaine

Just kidding about that last one. It’s funny to think about stopping these things when I have no idea if/when I’ll get knocked up, but a babymama (even a future one) can never be too careful. And for a perfectionist/overachiever like myself, that means following all the rules all the time. I’m sure that I’ll allow myself a few sips of wine here and there over the next few months, and maybe even a diet coke (gasp!), but overall I am happy to be able to take steps to make myself the best little baby-grower ever.

P.S. Headache and fatigue are nowhere to be seen. Must’ve been a minor caffeine withdrawal or the result of not getting enough sleep. Or (most likely) psychosomatic symptoms based on unnecessary Googling 🙂


She Says… Ugh

Headache and fatigue like whoa. Is this how my new, non-caffeinated life will be? Could it be hormone withdrawal from birth control already? I’ve only been off it one day! I’m trying to tell myself it’s just exhaustion from a long weekend… that way it will be fixed with a good night’s sleep. But I made the mistake of Googling to see if these symptoms had anything to do with going off birth control and found countless posts from women complaining that they suffered headaches, cramps, nausea, weird bleeding and all kinds of crazy stuff when they went off birth control. Hm.

She Says… Caffeine

caffeineMaybe I am more addicted to caffeine than I thought? I’m not one of those people who need a cup of coffee to wake up in the morning; but I do end up drinking a cup or two of tea at some point during my work day. And I enjoy a Dunky’s iced coffee or Starbucks latte as much as the next girl. Recently, however, I read that women who drank lots of caffeine had more difficulty getting preggers and a higher risk of miscarriage once they were pregnant.

As yesterday was my last day of birth control pills and I’m beginning down the tenuous path to conception myself, I decided to switch to decaf. Over the weekend when I treated myself to a Dunkin Donuts iced coffee, I didn’t notice a difference in the taste or the enjoyment of my coffee treat when I ordered it decaf. So the switch should be easy, yes?

This morning, however, I feel like I’m dragging quite a bit, and it’s barely lunchtime. I wonder if it’s the lack of caffeine in my daily cup o’ tea? Or maybe it’s just a little case of the Mondays.


She Says… Day One

Well folks, today’s the day. Serendipitously, it is the last day of my Masters program and the first day that I will not pop the little blue pill that I’ve been popping for the past decade.


What a happy coincidence! Just how I planned it 😀

I’ve been jonesing for a baby since the day Benjamin and I said “I do”. Not outwardly, but anyone who knows me knows that I was pretty much made to be a Mama. I want to pack lunches and help with school projects and even cart the little rugrats around to after-school activities. I want to look around my dinner table and see smiling little faces. I want to snuggle before bedtime and laugh at their silliness and create memories and traditions that my kids will remember as they grow older. 

Benjamin and I have been talking about me going off the pill for awhile… but it was always this kind of “someday” conversation. Yet as the end of my program drew closer, we both began to realize that it was upon us. It may have taken a little longer for Benjamin to be “ready” for this adventure than for me, but I can happily say, he has arrived! I can tell he has been thinking about it a lot recently. He’ll say things like, “When we have a baby, what would we be doing right now?” or “Where will we put the baby toys?”. And asking some of our pregnant friends, “What do babies eat?” and “When do babies start to talk?”. I know he is envisioning our life and how it will change. We are finally ready.

So here’s to Day One without contraception. Fingers crossed…

He Says…Two-Year Wait

I have always had a standard response to the “when should we have a baby” question: Two years. It seemed like a good, somewhat vague answer. I have always assumed (and wanted!) babies in our future; but I also love our independent life. Not that we are currently the type of couple to spontaneously do, well, anything (Kate is a serious planner), but I can only imagine what kinds of restrictions and responsibilities a baby will have on our lives. A baby seems expensive (and I still haven’t figured out exactly how expensive, despite my incessant questioning of “How much does a baby cost?” to other parents new and old), but we both have successful jobs now, so that is no longer a valid  “excuse”. I also work from home quite often and have had a lot of questions as to how that would be affected by having a baby. Those concerns still remain, but I know we will figure it all out.

So, the time has come when I can no longer keep saying “two years”. And, to be honest, now I don’t want it to be two years. Luckily for me and my procrastinating ways, saying two years bought me some time. Kate went off the pill yesterday and now, for the first time in my sexual life, we are trying to do what I have always tried to avoid in the past. And, I still have trying time, plus nine more months to really get myself psyched up.